Mixing Fun with Pleasure

Yours truly – Daniel Duke

Writing my second book is great fun! Being an author with a great publisher and working with an amazing team of editors is awesome! Taking the research and compiling it into story form is very exciting for me, but it can wear on a person if they don’t take a little time to just relax. So I thought I’d make a little ©Bulletproof coffee, take a little walk through the woods, clear my mind and think about all that I am grateful for. Besides, this is my favorite time of the year. The mosquitoes are gone, the snakes are in their holes and many of the nations bird species are down here visiting for the winter.

While on my walk I thought I’d snap a few photos and share them with you, so I’ll leave them here for you to view while I resume writing my second nonfiction book. I hope you enjoy the photos, I certainly enjoyed the walk, it was a pleasure. Have a great day!

Looking through Spanish Oaks
Little slice of Arcadia
Live Oak across the creek
Wild Grasses along the creek bank