Book endorsements for Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure

This week started off very well for me. The awesome five-star review I received yesterday from Whiskey & Wit Book Reviews showed that yes, Monday’s can be amazing! Today I woke and found that what I thought was a good endorsement was actually only a portion of a stellar endorsement from a well respected, highly qualified expert! For some reason, I had only seen the portion of the endorsement that my publisher had printed on the back cover of my book, but was told I needed to take a look at the website under the raves and reviews section.  So I did and was thrilled. Not only had I received one great endorsement but two! Two endorsements from two well qualified, respected experts.  So without further ado, if you like, please visit the raves and reviews section mentioned above, this section titled Book Praise at my publishers website and/or check out the nice images I created especially for this momentous occasion.  I added an image featuring the cover of my book just because, I love that book cover!

bkend hogan
Book endorsement by Timothy W. Hogan, Templar Grand Master


bkend mann

Book endorsement by author and Templar, William F. Mann


Whiskey & Wit Book Review of Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure


bkend title cover

Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure – book cover, with associated art and info