July 9th, 2019 – Book release date for: ‘Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure’

It's funny how time works. When I have a manuscript deadline and I only have two months to go before it is due, time flies by and I always wish I had more of it.  When the book is about to be released however, time suddenly starts to drag by and becomes excruciatingly slow. Strange … Continue reading July 9th, 2019 – Book release date for: ‘Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure’

Jesse James’ Secret Map May Lead to Templars’ Treasures

My latest article, titled: Jesse James' Secret Map May Lead to Templars' Treasures can now be viewed at Ancient Origins. I truly hope you enjoy it. The article includes a few details from my book 'Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure' which includes the Old West outlaw, Jesse James, Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, Knights Templar and … Continue reading Jesse James’ Secret Map May Lead to Templars’ Treasures

Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure – book trailer!

It's only three months until the release of my forthcoming book and I am pleased to present to you, my first book trailer! Feel free to subscribe, like, share the link and comment. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IY2VVlfSnyQ

Treasure Research

Tree of Life design which plays a large role in this story. I'm still writing and wrapping things up with my second book, but I thought I would take a break and share a few photos of my old research journal; the details of which will be included in my first book, Jesse James and … Continue reading Treasure Research

Wrapping up

I'm currently wrapping up work on a second book which I'm writing with my sister, Teresa Duke. This second book is a continuation of our late mother's work regarding our ancestor, Jesse James. When that is wrapped up I look forward to posting more here and in the mean time, I thank you all for … Continue reading Wrapping up

History and Mystery

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5yasgyQLQgFcqhKVV7g_RPd37QSKp-uu Interesting Videos and Documentaries regarding the Knights Templar, Freemasonry, alleged treasures and related topics. While I may or may not subscribe to all of the beliefs or views in the videos contained in the playlist above, I do try to keep an open mind and find them to be extremely interesting. One thing I … Continue reading History and Mystery