First, here’s the link to my book: Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure at my publisher, Inner Traditions.

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With that said, I now introduce to you a list of books; in addition to my book, that I believe you will enjoy.  In this list I include books that I have authored; the first of which will be released this coming July 2019, as well as books authored by family and friends. In addition to those, I have also listed books that I have enjoyed in the past and as long as I breathe, I don’t expect this list to ever be completed. In that light, it should remain permanently under construction.

I start this list with books written by my late mother, Betty Dorsett Duke. These books represent over two decades of research into our family history/mystery regarding my great, great grandfather Jesse James aka James L. Courtney. You can read more about that at my mothers website here and much more about this historical adventure in her books shown below.



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After over twenty years of researching family lore about my great, great grandfather Jesse James who lived in Texas under the alias of James Lafayette Courtney, I am pleased to announce that my book, Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure is slated to be available this coming July 2019 and is currently available for pre-order.
Jesse and the men who rode with him were far more than Old West outlaws, they also played a vital role in one of the biggest treasure stories in North America, if not the world.

The description of the book can be read at the websites of Inner Traditions – Bear & Company’s , Simon & Schuster and/or Amazon.

I hope you all enjoy reading Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure!

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I am pleased to announce that my sister Teresa Duke will be co-authoring our next book which will be a continuation of our late mother’s work. My deepest thanks again to our agent Fiona Spencer Thomas and to my friend, author and editor Phillipa Lee; who writes as Phillipa Faulks, for all the help she gave me. You can learn more about Phillipa and her work at her website